Hiawatha-First of the Speedliners

Our first publication was:
C.M.St.P.&P. R.R. Passenger Equipment Built By:
The Milwaukee Shops 1934-1935

Hiawatha - FIRST OF THE SPEEDLINERS a deluxe, hard cover, spiral bound book, detailing the development of lightweight passenger car construction by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad.
Milwaukee Shops 1934 - 1935

More than 130, 11" x 17" pages with over 220 photographs, most never before published, and 60 drawings illustrating:

  • The introduction of streamlining to the United States.
  • Prototype coaches 4000 and 4400 and the first 75 lightweight cars built by the Milwaukee Shops.
  • The development of the Milwaukee Road's first lightweight - high speed train: THE HIAWATHA.
  • HO scale plans and full color side elevations of all cars produced by the Milwaukee Shops 1934 - 1935, with later modified versions. Also included are THE HIAWATHA'S streamlined 4-4-2 locomotives, and relief locomotive #6160.
  • A photographic pictorial of THE HIAWATHA'S first 16 months of operation.
  • Later modifications and assignments of the 1934 - 1935 passenger equipment built by the Shops.

Plus 5 foldouts containing:

  • Original company floor plans and drawings of equipment.
  • Equipment assignments.
  • System map showing routes where the original lightweight equipment was used.

MILWAUKEE SHOPS INC. proudly presents it's first volume of Milwaukee Road passenger equipment containing the complete history of the Milwaukee Road's lightweight passenger cars built in 1934 - 1935 by it's Milwaukee Shops.
Future volumes are planned which will document the evolution of The Hiawatha into a fleet of trains serving the Mid West and the West Coast.
A Complete accounting of the Milwaukee Road's "Standard" passenger equipment is also planned.

"Hiawatha - FIRST OF THE SPEEDLINERS"  is NO LONGER available.

However you can currently purchase our second volume: Hiawatha - Nothing Faster On Rails