Name the title to our next book! May 19 2020

Milwaukee Shops Inc. announces the Big Naming Contest!

We have been working on our next volume of Milwaukee Road passenger car books. This volume will cover the equipment built by or for The Milwaukee Road starting in 1946 and going up to 5/1/1971.

The book will cover all the equipment starting with the cars built for the Olympian Hiawatha, and the major car building program of the Milwaukee Road shops that re-equipped the system with new streamlined cars. It also will include cars built by Pullman and Budd. This volume is the successor to our two previous books: Hiawatha – First of the Speedliners, and Hiawatha – Nothing Faster On Rails.

We are looking for an ideal title for this third volume, and we would like your input. We have five possible title names and would like to know which of them you like best. But more importantly, we would like to give you the opportunity to submit a title of your own. Much like the Railroad did when it was planning for the first full-length dome cars, it had a contest to name the cars. The result was the name “Super Dome”. So now we turn to you. What do you think the name of our next book should be?

If your nomination is selected, You will receive a free copy of the book!

If you would like to vote for one of the titles below, we would like to know what you prefer.

Contest closes 6/29/2020, the anniversary of the inaugural date of the Olympian Hiawatha.

Please submit your suggestion by email to:

Or, vote for one of the following:

Hiawatha – The Postwar Years

Hiawatha – Last Of The Speedliners

Hiawatha – Modern Speedliners

Hiawatha – Speedway of the Speedliners

Hiawatha – Route Of The Speedliners